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The Vital Role of Ham Radio in Disaster Preparedness: Lessons from...

When disaster strikes, communication is crucial. The recent wildfires in Maui highlighted the indispensable role of ham radio operators in maintaining connections when traditional systems fail.

Yaesu FT-710 AESS Review: A Feature-Rich SDR Transceiver with Outstanding Receiver...

The Yaesu FT-710 AESS is a high-frequency transceiver designed for amateur bands, offering an impressive range of features that appeal to both seasoned ham operators and newcomers alike.

Prepper Radio: The No-BS Ham Radio Technician Exam Prep Guide –...

We are living in a time where things have never been so uncertain, which makes being prepared for any situation vital to your survival. In times of disasters or emergencies when other forms of communication may fail, having a license can be a life-saver.

Where to Find A Ham Radio License Exam Near You

Information on locating the nearest ham radio testing center in your area.

Is the Biden administration shooting down Ham Radio Hobbyist Balloons?

Today, an amateur radio club in Illinois is claiming U.S. Air Force fighters may have shot down their balloon and believe that the so-called UFOs being shot down over U.S. Soil are nothing more than schools and amateur radio club pico balloons.

ICOM IC-7300 Review: A Crystal Clear and Seriously Sensitive Rig

The ICOM 7300 is one of our top picks when it comes to preparedness radios, but we also think it's a great option for Apartment Preppers or those who may not have a ton of room for fancy antenna setups.

Preppers and Ham Radio Operators Not so Crazy in the Age...

As the world is swept up into 24/7 coronavirus hysteria, people who once mocked preppers and ham radio operators are starting to admit it may not have been the best idea to make fun of these people who now seem like modern-day prophets.

BAOFENG UV-5R: How to Program your Radio with CHIRP and Get...

Today we are going to look at a radio that quite frankly we are not fans of but many in the prepper community seem...

Communications Monitoring: The Importance of Radio Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering During...

A detailed guide on how to monitor radio stations and frequencies during an emergency. We cover everything from military and ham radio to shortwave broadcasts.

Shortwave Frequency List: International Shortwave Radio Frequencies to Monitor

Shortwave Radio broadcasts are a great way to get a look at what’s going on around the world, and during times of crisis can play...