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It may not seem relevant in the age of iPhones, 5G, Internet, and a world that is more connected than anytime in history, but when it comes to emergency preparedness, Ham Radio is still vitally important to our safety, security, and ability to keep the flow of information flowing during times of crisis.

As we’ve seen time and time again, when natural disasters strike, the technology that we have all become dependent on is usually one of the first things that fails; and when other forms of communication go down there is one thing that never fails, disaster after disaster: Ham Radio.

Ham Radio Prepper is dedicated to the emergency preparedness side of amateur radio and is here to bring you the resources you need to be able to communicate and gather vital information during times of crisis.

We cover a wide variety of emergency communications and preparedness topics like equipment and radios, current ham radio news, and emergency communications. We also list Ham Radio events like Hamfests and Ham Radio Contests that can help you through your amateur radio journey.